Community Identified Project (CIP) Funds

In 2018 the Best Start Compton-East Compton Community Partnership spent time determining the policy and systems change work necessary to achieve success. The Partnership adopted a set of strategic priorities that guides its work. These priorities are inclusive action plans that cover the work of Best Start Compton-East Compton from 2018-2020.

Community-Identified Projects (CIP) are an investment of First 5 LA that were identified and designed by BSCEC members to address the needs of the Compton community. CIP funds are intended to help advance Best Start Compton-East Compton’s systems change approach. This guide provides a baseline set of policies on how CIP funds should be allocated and the requirements to access those funds in Compton-East Compton.

Funding is available in the form of sponsorship opportunities and projects that both require applications to be submitted.

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